Terms & Conditions

1. Admission for all persons by valid Festival wristband only.
2. Wristbands and tickets are non-transferable for profit / gain and non-refundable except in the instance of event cancellation. The Promoter does not accept liability for any personal compensation claims for a cancelled performance.
3. Wristbands once removed are invalidated.
4. The Promoter reserves the right to make alterations to the published performance schedules and line-up
5. Entry restricted to persons over the age of 14 years only
6. Searching is a condition of entry to protect your safety and that of other visitors. We may conduct security searches of clothing, bags and other items, at our reasonable discretion, including on entry and exit
7. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any persons for anti-social or threatening behaviour, actions likely to cause damage or injury, or those that are intoxicated through alcohol or illegal substances
8. Pass-outs are permitted at each Festival site, however re-entry to sites & Venues after 22:30 is at our discretion
9. The use of illegal substances including new psychoactive substances (NPS) or similar is strictly forbidden. Any persons found in possession of illegal or illicit substances will be ejected and substances seized. Medicines must be accompanied by valid prescription or prescribing information such as a dispensing chemist label
10. A check 25 age verification policy will be in operation for the sale or supply of alcohol. The Promoters and participating Venues reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol to those that are intoxicated, or are likely to become intoxicated if further alcohol is served
11. The Promoters take no responsibility for lost possessions &/or prohibited items.
Prohibited items include:
• Food or drink purchased outside the Event NB: Should you wish to bring an item of food or drink with you due to medical or religious requirements please contact the Venue prior your to arrival • Glass Bottles • Cans • Flasks • Cool boxes & hampers • Flags/banners • Helium balloons • Studded belts, spiked bracelets/belts/neck collars/boots or jackets •Trouser chains • Sharp/large rings • Flares and fireworkS, smoke grenades, airhorns • Large bags • Laser Pointers/Pens and Glow Sticks• Sharp objects, any items that could potentially be used as weapon • Audio or Video Recording Devices such as iPads and tablets • Selfie Sticks • Large umbrellas, parasols, tents, gazebos • Any chairs including collapsible, or any other item of furniture • Skate board, roller skates, bicycles, hover boards • Balls, frisbees, kites • Barbecues • Lanterns or anything that can be lit with a naked flame • Drones Prohibited items will be removed and confiscated on entry. Please notify the security if you intend to return for the item(s) as confiscated items will be destroyed unless notified at the time of removal
12. No animals will be permitted with the exception of registered assistance dogs.
13. The sale of unauthorised merchandise is prohibited.
14. Please follow any direction/instruction given by event safety stewards.
15. Throughout the event areas of the event Site may reach their individual capacity in which case the Promoter and participating Venues reserve the right to prevent access. Advance planning and early arrival at Venue locations is recommended
16. CCTV is in operation with images recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety. All incidents of crime and disorder will be reported to the police
17. The Festival site is a licensed premises. Please note when you leave the event you are entering an alcohol free zone where no alcohol is permitted or you could be liable for a fine.
18. Please be courteous to our neighbours when leaving the venue, don’t drop litter & keep noise to a minimum.
19. WARNING: Repeated and prolonged exposure to amplified sound may cause hearing damage. Strobe lighting and other special effects may be used throughout the event.


1. Recreational photography of family, friends and/or scenic views of thevenue/event is permitted other than where other persons attending the event can be clearly identified as the main focus. Please therefore be respectful to other people’s privacy at all times or you may be challenged and asked to stop and/or leave.
2. Photography/filming/recording for professional/commercial use is not permitted without prior written authorisation or media event accreditation from the Promoter.
3. All persons entering the Event consent to any photography/filming/recording as arranged by the organiser for possible future transmission/publication or promotional purposes.
4. No tripods or other large photography/film equipment may be used, unless by those with written authorisation or media event accreditation from the organisers.